Tam smiling

Hiya. I'm Tam.

I'm a Product Builder.

I lead small teams,
to build digital products,
that positively change people's lives,
and make money.

(But I'm having a break for a while).

I lead small teams, to build digital products, that positively change people's lives, and make money.

(But I'm on a break).

Things I'm Doing Now

I'm currently paying myself minimum wage while I:

  • Slow travel and experience where I am. So far in 2022 I've been to Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Spain, and I'm currently in Croatia.
  • Invest in my body and mind. I've been reading books that make me think. I've been going to the gym, swimming, and hiking, and I'm getting back into meditation.
  • Make things for fun and to learn. My favourite memories of making things are all anchored in learning something new to make something new, so I'm doing that deliberately.

Things I've Built Before

The main beats of my career are:

  • Enabling businesses to easily hire anyone, anywhere on the planet with Remote. I joined at 120 people and Series A and left 16 months later at 1,000 people and Series C. I loved working fully remote and async. I loved building first versions of important parts of the business. I loved helping people around the world get better jobs. I didn't love the mess of blitzscaling.
  • Changing how people deal with death at Farewill where I was Group Product Manager. We built an industry leading product experience to help people write their will online, plus a suite of internal tools to serve all the customers. And we won National Will Writer of the Year for three years running.
  • At Kindeo we tried redesigning biographies for the 21st century, where I was Product Lead. Sadly we didn't find product/market fit, but I learned a lot.
  • My first Product Manager role was building fashion ecommerce sites, mobile apps and internal tooling at SecretSales.
  • I started my career in a few small video game studios, initially as an Artist but then found my groove as a Game Designer and Creative Producer.
  • Shortly after graduating I won a BAFTA, which is a long story.

Things I've Said / Written

I like writing and talking and being helpful.

I was honoured to give a talk at JAM where I spoke about how the product teams at Farewill worked to bring Delight to the Death Industry. I've had lots of positive feedback on that one.

Myself and Victor Hwang joined the 11fs Pulse podcast to talk about how product teams at Farewill approach understanding customers, building great tools, and thinking about user journeys.

I've written a detailed explainer on how to set up, run, and analyse customer interviews in 7 days. This has been used as a training resource for startups in the Kindred portfolio, and at EF.

Ways to Contact Me

I mainly use Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in touch with the outside world.

If you're looking for advice, help, or collaboration on something you can email me and I'll be happy to help or nudge you towards someone I know :)